Friday, June 3, 2011

The Best One Dollar Investment I Ever Made

7 Day Trial of BRUTE FORCE EVO II SEO Automation Software.
In 2008, I gave this product developed by a guy in Australia a $1 trial run. Not only did it help me with my personal projects and open up a world of opportunities, but it ultimately transformed my full time job with my employer to become the SEO and Social Media manager for the company!

      How did I benefit?  Return on Investment:
  • This software tutorial and demo taught me INVALUABLE skills and key information on Search Engine Optimization/Management, RSS Feeds, URL/Domains, Social Media and Internet Marketing - including strategies to use with and without automation.  As a web developer, these skills are incredibly useful but can also benefit anyone with little or no web skills whatsoever!
  • Ultimately lead to my current position as SEO & Social Media manager with my current employer after a test run put our site on PAGE 1 of Google in record time for common search terms!
  • *BONUS* - Fastest & Largest Net Profit I ever made as an Affiliate - Payout in my paypal account within hours of sale!  Of all the affiliate programs I have EVER participated in, this is the ONE that has proven itself.  NO quotas for sales or recruiting.  None of the ol' routine many other programs require.  No one calling and bugging me to sell anything to anyone!  Plus, Peter Drew is always straight forward and up front about any issues, enhancements or upgrades in the works.  Any day now, EVO Pro will be released which promises an even better products than the awesome EVO II.  I am so anxious to get my hands on this new version, my wheels are already spinning on how I can put it to use!   
  • Various benefits of EVO II

    1. Boost my web rankings in Google and all the major search engines for any site I choose to market.
    2. Article marketing - Use articles to promote a web site, business or ANY TYPE OF INFORMATION that needs to get out.
    3. Promote a worthy cause with viral marketing
    4. Educate others  The benefits go on and on.
    I have used this product with my real estate sites when I was a part time realtor, with my zazzle products, with worthy causes that needed promoting, you name it.  Brute Force EVO II has endless possibilities for any market.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Premium Cable Secret!

I have a secret for you that your cable company does not want you to know. Why? It will cost them money. The good news, it is completely legal. Here's the secret: Your favorite TV shows from your cable box on a 2nd TV anywhere in the house without new wires, extra boxes, or paying additional monthly fees. Yes, even PREMIUM CHANNELS! Here's how:
Wirelessly send cable, TiVo, satellite TV, DVDs and more to a second TV anywhere in the house with the Wireless Video Sender.Wirelessly send cable, TiVo, satellite TV, DVDs and more to a second TV anywhere in the house with the Wireless Video Sender.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Are You Prepared for Food Shortage?

USDA blog article highlights the need for family preparedness. Are you prepared for a food shortage?  

Sustainable food
with a shelf life of 15 years: 

Don't be left having to choose between groceries and gas, rent, etc. Food prices in the supermarket WILL go up!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Haunted House Secrets Revealed!

From X10's Blog:

The following is a guest post by X10 Community Member Brian Vance.

As the air turns crisp with the advent of October, serious Yard Haunters (like myself) turn to the thought of showcasing our craft. Static props like the occasional pumpkin, ghosts and corn shocks are OK for the amateur, but the big boys need some kind of automation to run the moving zombies, opening coffins, and jumping spiders... (more)

The Instant On Camera – Cameras That Catch All The Action

Thursday, August 26, 2010

English Bulldog Watching "Family Guy"

Lorenzo the Cat

For our cat friends

In Photos: Model feline Lorenzo on the, er, cat

Cats are known for good grooming, but few have a sense of style. Now consider Lorenzo the cat, a notable and hilarious exception. The 2-year-old feline was recently profiled in an AP article because of his love of posing for the camera while wearing outfits.
The cat has scored thousands of fans, including Yoko Ono and Alanis Morissette, on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. His Web searches on Yahoo! are also clawing their way upward. Over the past 24 hours, online lookups for "lorenzo the cat who wears clothes" shot up 75%.

While Lorenzo has exhibited a willingness to model everything from cabana wear to classic denim, he does have a few rules that must be followed if Joann Biondi, his photographer (and owner), wants his cooperation in front of the camera. First, no pants. Second, no caps. And third, much like David Hasselhoff, Lorenzo's top button must remain open. Hey, the fur's gotta breathe, baby!

— Mike Krumboltz writes for Yahoo!